Jennie Ng

She speaks English, Chinese,Hokkien,Techow and simple Japanese.Able to scold you in Japanese.=) This is a place where she rants out her thoughts and she shares her views. A place where she shares her love for food and photography and life.

Currently working .She love food and love taking photos.She loves to know more people who are into photography as her.She love travelling around the world too as she believes that Knowledge is found through by travelling around the world but not in the books. She believes that behind each camera lens there lies a story waiting for you to discover. She love reading as each book unfolds a story and she love the way the book is talking to her and telling her stories. She love languages.So feel free to know her or drop her a mail as she hopes to know more of people who have the such interest as her.=)
On the other hand, if you have any comments or you feel like wanting to tell her something, do leave a message on site or contact her at “jenng84@gmail.com“. She will be more than happy to hear from you. =)


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